Do you speak with confidence and engage your audience?

To be a great public speaker, authenticity is key. You need to be in control of your presentation and not the other way around.

A dynamic performance is one delivered with confidence, in an engaging style, precisely tailored to the audience you are addressing.

I encourage my clients to work on individual speeches and presentations (both prepared and impromptu) to develop and refine their public speaking skills and equip them to deal with any occasion, whether in their professional or social lives.


Ensure that content is both compelling and appropriately structured, whether oral or visual


Support and project your voice with the correct breathing technique


Learn how to use pace, pitch, pause, volume and power to drive your message home


Use facial expression and body language to enhance and reinforce meaning


Incorporate anecdotes, personal stories and other rhetorical devices to communicate more effectively


Overcome the specific challenges of the online environment and optimise the scope of your presentation, whether live or recorded

Enjoyable and productive

“Carrie’s public speaking workshop helped us grow in confidence and taught us the importance of message as well as delivery, to keep our audience engaged. Her open and encouraging style made for an enjoyable and productive day.”

Claire C, Volunteer speaker
Guide Dogs for the Blind

Lessons are well structured

“Carrie has helped boost my confidence by making me more aware of English intonation, as well as improving my public speaking technique. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to speak better English and sound more native. Her lessons are well structured and packed with useful information and practical exercises. I looked forward to every lesson I took.”

Anna P, 
Diocese Children’s Worker

She's a wonderful teacher

“Carrie stood out because of the questions she asked and the genuine interest she displayed in my learning needs from the outset. I have benefited hugely from working with her – she is a wonderful teacher, kind, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile. She identified issues that I hadn’t been aware of previously and encouraged me to practise between sessions. Carrie is very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and a joy to work with!”

Anna B
, University Lecturer


I have already learned so much

“As a result of your excellent teaching, I have certainly become a more reflective practitioner.  I have already learned so much from you in such a short time.”

Lisa D, Headteacher

A great investment

“My sessions with Carrie have been a great investment. It’s a shame I didn’t do this years ago.”

Bola O, Accountant

It has made a massive difference

“I came away with an award for the second-best presentation of the day, which I’m thoroughly chuffed with! It’s mostly due to your feedback and ideas, so I can’t thank you enough. It has made a massive difference.”
James R.
Property Entrepreneur

Absolutely excellent

“Thanks so much for the session with Chris. He did such a fantastic job. It really was absolutely excellent: so funny and just perfect delivery. Thanks for all your help.”
Lauren W
Project Manager