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Speaking Online

The online meeting looks like it’s here to stay, whether you are using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or another platform.

So, how can we best adapt our public speaking and presentation skills to this new two-dimensional environment?

Even though you’re communicating remotely, your delivery can still have the same energy and enthusiasm as it does face-to-face.

First, to give you the best opportunity to get your message across, there are some critical technical and physical factors to be taken into account, such as lighting, positioning and background, which can make a decisive difference to the impression that you make.

And when it comes to your performance, learning how to boost and amplify your on-screen presence, despite the limitations, will make your presentation memorable and effective.


Deliver your meeting and presentations with energy and enthusiasm


Boost and amplify your on-screen presence


Make a decisive difference to the impression that you make

Simple but effective

“Carrie was able to identify all the weak points in my pronunciation, develop a systematic approach to improve them and find simple but effective ways of helping me achieve my goal.”

Alexey Z
, IT Manager

I am much more confident in my speech

“Carrie helped me understand what I was doing wrong and why. The exercises she gave me have corrected and improved my pronunciation greatly. How have things changed for me since? I am much more confident in my speech.”

Tim B, Account Manager

Easy to understand

“Carrie was very committed to improving my pronunciation, explaining everything in terms which were easy to understand, so I could practise on my own. She used practical methods to help me visualise my pronunciation issues and supported me in my attempts to produce ‘new’ sounds. Above all, she helped me realise that I was able to do it.”

Kleanthis K, Quality Engineer


Extremely pleased with my progress

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Carrie and am extremely pleased with my progress. Carrie identified my specific difficulties and tailored her lessons to my needs. She always prepares for every lesson and plans a range of activities, so her classes are always fun. I would highly recommend her.”

Yuliya G, Construction Engineer


She’s extremely patient, warm and friendly

“Carrie is very aware of your specific pronunciation problems, understands the reasons behind the difficulties you experience and can recommend the best solutions to help. She’s extremely patient, warm, friendly and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.”

Ariana M, Accountant


My presentation went excellently

“Just to say that my presentation went excellently. I was very confident, didn’t stumble and even got the laughs and ‘oohs’ I wanted! One colleague even said I did the best out of everyone. I’m blown away!”

Michelle H
Town Planner

My presentation went excellently

“I found our sessions really helpful. I had to give an impromptu pitch on behalf of my team last month. It was a competition. I won.”

Lara E
Investment Associate